Consumer Guide to Silver Sneakers in Clearwater, FL

Consumer Guide to Silver Sneakers in Clearwater, FL

What is Silver Sneakers and how does it work?

Silver Sneakers is a program that allows senior citizens on participating Medicare plans to get a free gym membership.  Many, if not most of the Medicare plans in and around Clearwater, FL offer this program

Here’s how Silver Sneakers works:

  1. Meet Silver Sneakers eligibility requirements by enrolling in a participating Medicare Advantage plan in Clearwater, FL.
  2. Enter your information on the Silver Sneakers website after your enrollment is complete.
  3. Get a copy of your Silver Sneakers card
  4. Take your card to the Silver Sneakers gym of your choice in and around Clearwater.
  5. Start exercising, staying healthy and saving money!

Can anyone join Silver Sneakers?


Silver Sneakers eligibility requirements are solely based around those who enroll in partnered Medicare plans. This is one of the benefits of using a Medicare Advantage plan over a Medicare Supplement as most Medicare Supplements do not include wellness benefits.

Silver Sneakers Eligibility: Participating Medicare Advantage Plans in Tampa

Many of the top Medicare Advantage plans participate in the Silver Sneakers programs, but not all of them.

Below is a list of the Medicare Advantage plans around Clearwater, FL that may offer Silver Sneakers.  It’s important you check with each company to confirm Silver Sneakers is included.

  • AARP MedicareComplete (HMO)
  • AARP MedicareComplete Choice Plan 2 (Regional PPO)
  • AARP MedicareComplete Choice Essential (Regional PPO)
  • AARP MedicareComplete Choice (PPO)
  • Aetna Medicare Premier Plan (PPO)
  • Aetna Medicare Choice Plan (HMO-POS)
  • Allwell Medicare (HMO)
  • Allwell Medicare Premier (HMO)
  • Baycare Medicare Advantage (Coming Soon for 2019)
  • BlueMedicare Classic (HMO)
  • BlueMedicare Select (PPO)
  • BlueMedicare Choice (Regional PPO)
  • Freedom Medicare Plan Rx
  • HumanaChoice Florida H5216-072 (PPO)
  • HumanaChoice R5826-074 (Regional PPO)
  • HumanaChoice R5826-005 (Regional PPO)
  • HumanaChoice R5826-018 (Regional PPO)
  • Humana Gold Plus H1036-265 (HMO)
  • Humana Gold Plus H1036-119 (HMO)
  • Simply More (HMO)
  • WellCare Essential (HMO-POS)
  • WellCare Dividend (HMO)

Where can I go to use Medicare Silver Sneakers program?

Finding a location near you shouldn’t be difficult, especially in Clearwater, FL.  Our tight community has a great list of participating gyms.

More and more gyms are joining Silver Sneakers because they realize the importance of keeping Baby Boomers and older seniors healthy.

What gyms accept Silver Sneakers in Clearwater, FL?

Here are some of the participating locations:

  • Anytime Fitness on Cleveland St. in Clearwater
  • North Greenwood Recreation Complex
  • Cheek-Powell Fitness Center on Pinellas St.
  • Ross Norton Recreation & Aquatics Complex on S. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • YMCA of the Suncoast – Clearwater Branch on Highland Ave
  • Clearwater Beach Library and Recreation Facility on Bay Esplanade
  • Anytime Fitness on Highland Ave
  • LA Fitness Clearwater on U.S. Hwy 19
  • The Long Center and Aging Wellness Center on N. Belcher
  • Curves Clearwater on S. Belcher Road (Women Only)
  • Morning Side Recreation Complex on Harn Blvd
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