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Homeowners insurance covers property damage and protects you and your family if you are prosecuted for bodily injury or property damage. Clegg Insurance works proactively to ensure you have the sufficient coverage you need to rebuild or repair your home after a disaster.


Top Carriers

American Traditions
Claims Number:
(866) 270-8430
Bankers Insurance
Claims Number:
Chubb Custom Insurance Company
Claims Number:
(800) 252-4670
Federated National
Claims Number:
(800) 293-2532
Florida Peninsula
Claims Number:
(866) 549-9672
Heritage Insurance
Claims Number:
(855) 415-7120
Prepared Insurance
Claims Number:
(877) 511-7737
TypTap Insurance Company
Claims Number:
(844) 289-7968
United Property and Casualty
Claims Number:
(888) 256-3378
Universal Property & Casualty
Claims Number:
(800) 425-9113
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