Water Damage Restoration

Where there is a leak, there is potential for water damage.

Water Damage : Property Destroyer

Water Damage is the main contributor to the loss and damage of property and homes. Water damage is not a problem where you want to cut corners or wait to address. It may come on incredibly slow, and possibly unnoticed, but in order to ensure that neither the structure of your home or the health of your family is compromised, it is best to contact our water restoration specialists.

Water damage can happen for a number of reasons. A surplus of water in your home can arise from natural disasters, leaky pipes, and other plumbing issues. In some cases household appliances may malfunction, causing a leak or flood that can go unnoticed. Septic tanks can backup and overflow causing raw sewage to cascade into your home’s crawlspace. Also, bathtubs or showers that are poorly constructed or need repair can permit water to leak into the cracks of the tile and create mold and other unwanted damages.

The Effects of Water Damage

When you start to notice damp furniture, cracked drywall, and warped structural damage, there is a high possibility that a leak or flood is penetrating the exterior of the property. The many materials with which homes are built absorb a surprisingly large amount of water. Stagnant water in or on these materials can cause a number of harmful scenarios. When you notice a flood or leak, contact us as soon as possible. The longer issues go untreated, the more severe the damage.

Additionally, consider this: given the proper conditions, it only takes mold 24-48 hours to grow. Mold contamination is one of the many problems that can develop from water damage and is rarely visible. Mold exposure can cause a vast array of health issues, mainly respiratory issues such as coughing and difficulty breathing. Aside from the physically harmful effects, mold can also cause your home’s foundation to rot and slowly breakdown. This compromises the structural integrity of the house making it very dangerous to you and your family.

When it comes to water damage, do not delay. Call our technicians right away.

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