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Payroll / PEO

Workers Compensation and Payroll can be difficult for Small, Medium & Large companies and with the ever changing laws regulations we have decided to partner with certain first class PEO’s (Professional Employer Organization) in the state of Florida that can offer benefits to companies looking to outsource their HR / Benefits / Workers Comp and Payroll.

So that our clients feel comfortable we also have great contacts at ADP and Paychex which offer strictly payroll services packaged with workers compensation through Clegg Insurance Group.

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Workers Compensation

When considering workers compensation, keep in mind that the price of policy is set by the state; therefore workers compensation is the same price no matter where the place of purchase. However, here at Clegg Insurance we pride ourselves on finding better and easier ways to guide our clients through the various programs workers compensation has to offer.

Some characteristics of the workers compensation programs we offer include:

  • Guaranteed cost policy
  • Large/small deductible policy
  • Flat dividend
  • Retention policy

Clegg Insurance knows that workers compensation is often one of the most misinterpreted policies in insurance, but furthermore something that every company needs. We are here to assure you’re getting the right coverage for your specific business needs.

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Professional Liability

In the event that a client is harmed due to a service or advice that you provide, professional liability insurance protects you from errors that otherwise you would be legally liable for. Clegg Insurance understands that mistakes happen; we are here to assure your mistake won’t threaten your business’s future. Investing in professional liability insurance is the best way to protect your professional interests.

Top Areas of Focus:

  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Insurance Companies and Agencies
  • Medical Offices
  • Public Relations Companies
  • Property management companies
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Flood Insurance

In the unfortunate event of a flood, Clegg Insurance is here to protect you! The main provider of flood insurance is the Federal Government, through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). However, as a private insurance carrier we also provide flood insurance that is 100% backed by the NFIP, through what is known as a “write your own” program. We review several factors such as location, limits, etc. to ensure you’re getting the coverage that is right for you in your area.

Top Carriers:

  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Wright Flood
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Condo Associations

Condo Associations Insurance coverage is ideal for any business wanting to protect their condominium establishment from direct physical damage. Clegg Insurance knows your commercial property is just as important to you as your personal property, which is why we have a wide range of coverages for Residential Condominium Associations.

These coverages include: property, general liability, crime, workers compensation, D&O/ EPLI, liquor liability, and small limit umbrella.

Clegg Insurance can offer you protection from the following: Employee theft, money & securities, forgery & alteration, money order & counterfeit currency, funds transfer & computer fraud, and employee benefit plan.

Top Property Carriers Include:

  • Heritage Property Insurance
  • United Property and Casualty
  • Cypress Insurance
  • Wholesale Network – 20+ Carriers

Top Package Carriers:

  • Coastal Insurance Underwriters
  • Wholesale Network – 20+ Carriers
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Builders Risk

Builders risk insurance covers buildings during the course of construction. This type of insurance is designed specifically to protect the financial interests of you and your contracting company in the event of any type of damage. Builders’ risk insurance is intended to cover the costs of materials, repairs, labor and equipment should any damage occur during the construction phase of a building process.

Builders risk insurance protects your growing business in the following ways:

  • Theft of building materials and building materials in transit.
  • Fire / lightening / violent wind / storms
  • Vandalism
  • Loss of Profit

Top Carriers Include:

  • Zurich North American Insurance
  • Safehold Insurance
  • Lloyd’s of London
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General Liability

General liability coverage pertains to business of all size. However, the amount of coverage needed can vary depending on the type of business and the location in which the business operates. Clegg Insurance looks at the factors that make your business unique in order to provide you with the best coverage for your needs.

General liability coverage protects your business in the following ways:

  • Bodily injuries that pertain to customers, employees, vendors or visitors on your property
  • Personal injuries that occurred as a result of the actions or negligence of one of your employees
  • Property damage caused by your employees

Top Carriers Include:
Admitted Carriers:

  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Federated National
  • Liberty Mutual / Montgomery
  • Bankers Insurance
  • North Pointe
  • Travelers
  • Many Others…

Excess Surplus Brokers:

  • Peachtree Special Risk Brokers
  • Allrisks Limited
  • Hull & Company
  • Burns & Wilcox
  • Many others…..
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Commercial Property

Commercial property insurance, also referred to as commercial fire and allied lines, is the form of insurance that covers direct and indirect losses in relation to your commercial property. Clegg Insurance understands that commercial property insurance is the best way to ensure your business and its contents are protected. Whether you own your own business or lease your workspace, commercial property insurance is the right decision for you.

Examples of what commercial property insurance protects include:

  • Building
  • Outdoor sign
  • Inventory
  • Fence / landscaping
  • Furniture / equipment
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Commercial Insurance

Choosing the right commercial insurance coverage can be tough, but Clegg Insurance Group is here to make it easier for you. We understand that commercial insurance can be one of your biggest expenses throughout the year so we make it our mission to give you the time and attention needed to learn about your business. With a strategic analysis of your company, we will work diligently to protect your business now and in the future. We keep an open line of communication to track your businesses’ ups and downs to make sure you always have the right plan in place. Please call or email us today.

Commercial Insurance Options

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